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The Lighthouse Difference

Our Approach

Lighthouse Speech Therapy, PLLC is a pediatric speech and language clinic located in Rockton, IL. We are a private-pay facility, meaning we are intentionally out-of-network with insurance companies. In doing so, our therapists and families are able to have complete control and flexibility of therapy approaches, number of sessions, and therapy duration. In most speech and language clinics, insurance dictates what services are provided, and for how long. By navigating around insurance companies, we are able to offer families one-on-one therapy services that are evidence-based and focused on what the child needs, without someone else determining "medical necessity". Despite providing private-pay speech therapy services, we do understand that this is a large investment in your child's development; therefore, we do offer superbills for potential insurance reimbursement. A superbill is a detailed receipt of service that containing all of the necessary billing information (ICD-10 and CPT codes) that insurances require to process claims. These are provided on a monthly basis and can be requested at any time. 

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Our mission is to provide evidence-based speech and language services that are client-centered and allow families the time to ask questions and have them answered.


Our goal is to redefine "healthcare" in the Northern Illinois/ Southern Wisconsin area by providing families with a private-pay option when searching for therapeutic services for their child.

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