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Parent/Caregiver and Me Classes

At Lighthouse Speech Therapy, we value community connection and engagement. We also have many parents contact us regarding their child's development and wanting to learn strategies to use at home to help boost their language development. For these reasons, we have created "Caregiver-and-me" training classes! These classes are designed for our youngest communicators, and geared towards instructing caregivers on how to embed evidence-based strategies into everyday routines. Classes are designed for ages 12mo-36 months, but open to most ability levels (non-speaking and AAC users welcomed!). The class is 60 minutes long, and is created in a child-directed format, with emphasis on parent coaching and feedback. Each class will have a different focus and new, unrelated content, so feel free to join us multiple times! Please follow us on Instagram at @lighthouseslp or on Facebook @Lighthouse Speech Therapy, PLLC to learn about our current offerings! 

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